Monday, December 28, 2009

Our Ladybug and Ladybug Picnic

A ladybug lives in our home. She's 5 and her name is Jaymee. What a delight! The day she was born, our daughter Leanne and I both nicknamed her "Ladybug" without the other knowing. When I held this little six pounder in the hospital room and called her "Mommy's Little Ladybug", I thought Leanne was going to jump off the bed. It was a cute moment which cemented the nickname forever.

Do you know how many things are available with ladybugs on them? Jayee has a pillow, tiny earrings, an itty bitty bracelet for a tiny wrist, shirts, pants, buttons, stuffed bugs, and even a tea set with ladybugs on the handles of the spoons. Jaymee points them out when she thinks we might have missed one in a store. We even point them out to each other when she's not with us.

When Leanne decided to get her own jewelry business up and running, she chose Silver Bug as the name of the ready-made line we also carry at Juni G. You don't have to guess what's on the Silver Bug business cards.

Bless Laura Tidey. When I asked her to make ladybug lampwork beads, she spent time looking at options and waited until the creative juices were at their best...then she made the most adorable ladybugs! The center bead is a triangle with red bugs on the three points. Laura amazes me!

Ladybug Picnic can be remade if someone wants a similar bracelet. There will be enough differences to make them one of a kind. With facetted, banded onyx beads, tagua rondelles, and sterling silver beads plus a ladybug toggle, it's priced in the $90 range.

Email me at with any questions.