Friday, September 11, 2009

Marguerite Weimer & My Pink Poodle Skirt

It's a relief to be able to talk about Pink Poodle Skirts and have more than one generation know that I don't mean a poodle wearing a ballerina tutu. Granddaughter Morgan has seen the fad come around one more time, albeit briefly, and wasn't puzzled when I made this piece.
Fads come and go, but sentimental is forever. Wearing this bracelet is like owning a piece of history. I remember my babysitter Marguerite dressing in the uniform of the day which included white collared shirts with rolled up sleeves, a small scarf tied around her neck, white bucks and short sox. She was always so fashionable and my admiration for her knew no bounds. She had a poodle skirt.
Marguerite was the also the gal who got me to quit biting my fingernails. Hers were amazing in a day WAY before acrylics and nail wraps were heard of. She promised that if I quit biting my nails, she would buy me my first manicure kit. I got the best end of the bargain...lovely nails AND a new manicure kit.
Marguerite is a lot like my wonderful sister, Carole. Both are elegant in every way right down to their pedicured toenails, and they are fun to be with as well. It's no coincidence that they are friends.
As I was making this bracelet, Marguerite came to mind several times. I wondered how she is doing and what's going on in her life these days, and appreciated her for the thousandth time for throwing me a wedding shower back in the day when most people would have rather talked than helped. She is one special woman.
Thank you Marguerite Weimer for being someone an insecure kid in her early teens could look up to. We all have people watching us when we often don't know it. Look around a little.
My Pink Poodle Skirt is THE cutest bracelet! There are five of Laura Tidey's lampworks in it, and I saved three more to make earrings and a slide for the gal who buys this. Buy the bracelet & earrings, get the slide for free! Notice the Sterling Silver poodle charm. Pearls, Tagua from Ecuador, Thai & Bali Sterling, cat's eye beads, and pink Swarovski finish this gorgeous conversation piece.
One of a kind.
Bracelet $89.oo
Earrings (not posted yet) $20.oo

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