Monday, July 26, 2010

Summer Time, Family Time & Three Hearts

Summertime is awesome for teachers. We have time to rest, play and recharge our batteries from the busyness of the school year. This summer has been non-stop fun with family. We are blessed to have a large one and getting everyone together is challenging at best. We were able to get together for a few days with all of them, but not necessarily in one place. It took going to TN and Maine to see just our own children and grandchildren and we still missed two of them. One of these days, before someone goes to be with Jesus, it's my dream to get all of us together for a long weekend even if it means meeting in the middle somewhere.

While in Maine, I met an adorable, bubbly gal by the name of Rachel Roberts who has been working with silver for a while. My niece Donna was kind enough to connect us with Rachel. We got together at my sister's home to learn the art of bending and hammering silver. You can find Rachel online if you search for Kouklamou Designs. The evening went fast as she showed us several techniques. Thank you Rachel for spending time with us. God bless you and your business for sowing seeds into our businesses. Carole and I are both very excited about what we learned.

Three Hearts is part of my new hammered line. It's a combination of wire wrapping and hammered sterling. The hearts each have a bead on one side to add a little interest. What's so neat about these new pieces is that I can make as many as are needed and am not waiting for bead shows to roll around (no pun intended) in order to pick up more supplies. This offers a whole new opprtunity for creativity that keeps my brain going in the middle of the night. What an adventure! Bracelet is $33. Matching earrings and pendant are also available.

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