Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kitching Cove & Seaside

When we first moved to Florida, we rented a condo on the corner of a canal and Kitching Cove on the St. Lucie River. There couldn't have been a finer place for an introduction to the Florida lifestyle. Even though it's in the heart of Port St Lucie, it felt like living on a tropical island because of the protected environment across the cove.

Beautiful sunsets were delightfully normal. We never got tired of painted evening skies or watching dolphins playing in the cove. Mullet jumped out of glassy morning water and alligators sunned themselves daily on the bankings of the canal or grumbled to each other in the dark. Wildlife surprised us so much in our walkway that we began looking out the window before we opened the door. Snakes and skinks didn't seem to be afraid enough of humans.

For me, the most impressive creatures to come near our bankings were manatees. Slow-moving and curious, they regularly headed for the seagrape trees which grew at the water's edge just a few feet from our front door. They'd hang out for a while and then quietly lumber away to their next destination. Maybe because of their size, I felt blessed to be close to them in their own habitat.

After moving from the peaceful condo and settling into another home, I found myself really missing the "extras". Now, when we drive by seagrapes, I think of those days and my insides smile.

Seaside is one of my favorite bracelets since the sterling silver bead caps look like seagrape leaves. Laura Tidey's denim blue lampwork beads are perfect with the simply structured blend of sea opal and Hill Tribe silver. This bracelet is one-of-a-kind.

Email me for purchase or questions. junig@bellsouth.net

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